Healing From Within



You Have the Ability, Through Choice, To Expand Your Quality Of Life And Wellness

Each of us has the ability to choose. We can decide what to eat each day, what clothes to wear, what restaurants to go to; we have the ability to choose what we want in living and what we don’t want.

Of course, some things we can’t opt like what color our scalp is, what sizing feet we have, what day of the week it is, but we do have the ability to choose something that is really, really important.

How We Feel

The practice of developing wellness in our lives shows us that we do have the ability to choose how we experience. We can consciously affect our emotions and ourselves. We can use mental training strategies like self-hypnosis, prayer, and meditation to encourage certain states and affections within our minds.

We can choose how we respond to a certain situation or to a certain person. We can control our emotions so that we don’t fall into negative, degenerative, or destructive thought processes. We can even use the power of choice to heal.

Healing From Within

The power of choice is very similar to the power of intention. When we hold tight to an intention in our minds, we are attracting the outcomes of that intention into our lives. When we make a choice, we are attracting the outcomes of that choice into our lives. Therefore, if we discover and learn to be fairly well aware of our choices, and also be aware of where our choices will lead us, we can discover and learn how to remove destructive and negative influences from our lives.

When we remove negativity and destructiveness from our lives, we experience an all-pervading feeling of wellness within our daily life. When we can understand how to promote this feeling on a regular basis, the natural outcome is healing in the spirit. Another great article to Read regarding this topic if  from the Huffington Post

Healing The Body + Healing The Mind = Healing The Spirit

The Spirit, is connected to everything that is contained within it, indeed, they are one. Plainly, that includes you, and me, and everybody else. Therefore, when the Spirit is encouraged to heal, meaning, when healing is promoted within ourselves and without ourselves, naturally we experience healing on all levels.

But what does healing signify?

Healing or more particularly spiritual healing does not actually have anything to do with physical health. I know this may scandalize some of you, who are reading this, but it doesn’t and it’s actually pretty obvious why not when you can see the big picture.

For example, a person with a terminal illness can still have a very powerful and aware spirit.

A person who is incredibly healthy and physically fit can be completely negative in their minds and still practice many destructive forms of behavior. (If the shoe fits, don’t discard)

Indeed spiritual awakening occurs to many people who are on their’ death-bed’ so exactly what are we talking about when we use the term’ healing ‘?

Healing, In Reality

Having a complete awareness of whatever is, just knowing that in reality everything is okay, and understanding our position and function in life, that is what real healing is about. On the other hand, there is suffering.

Being ” lost” in life, being confused about what is real and what is not, being angry and traumatized by past experiences, holding onto judgments and opinions about people, things or places which leads to a sense of separateness, these things are all in the realm of suffering.

True healing can only occur when all of these things are overcome, when agony is brought to a point inside our hearts. In reality, true-blue healing and true-blue spiritual wellness is simply only occur when the sources of our suffering has been extinguished.

The Result

We have the ability to choose whether or not we suffer. By choosing not to suffer we are encouraging healing within our spirit. When healing is stimulated within our spirit, this has the natural effect of developing inner peace within our heart.

To truly heal, to remove all of the grief, all of the chaos, all of the aggression, all of the conflict, all we have do is make a choice, not to suffer, not to feed our problems, but instead, to take away the sources of their inspiration.

Only we can do that for ourselves.

If we can choose not to promote suffering in our lives, naturally this has the effect of promoting a greater quality of life and greater health. But even if our physical health is bad, as will be the case with most of us as we age and grow older, we can still have a mindset that doesn’t experience this as suffering, but simply sees that it is a part of the natural behavior of things.

For those of us who have health problems in our younger times, by making the choice to stop doing anything negative or destructive, we can spur greater physical health as well and mental and spiritual health.

In order to do this, all we have to do is make a choice. What is your choice?
A great article to Read regarding this topic if  from the Huffington Post

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