Decreasing Holiday Stress To Eliminate Stress Food Consumption


With the holiday season quickly approaching, I shared my eating, exercise (non-existant) habits with a trainer/nutritonist.  I wanted to have a healthier holiday season this year.  I received some great wisdom/advice and I am passing this wisdom on to you. Enjoy and actively follow these tips. It works!

It’s difficult to not  feel overwhelmed with all of the preparations such as:

  •  the traveling
  • the inviting
  • the visiting of friends,associates and  families
  • the seasonal purchasing for presents and for meals
  • the house cleaning
  • the preparations and decorations and of course
  • the food consumption

There’s the consumption of food to rejoice, to share sustenance with family members; there’s the consuming for enjoyment and pleasure to erase unpleasant feelings, stress and nervousness that come, inevitably, as a part of the  festivities.

Of course there will be laughter, pleasure, good instances and togetherness, however all this pleasure can be a catalyst to uncomfortable emotions like apprehension, nervousness, and even uncertainty.

Then there is the stress that comes from all the additional chores that include the holidays, like purchasing in crowded malls,  planning cooking and cleaning in preparation for events, dinners and family members coming into visit.

It is at occasions like these when it is more tempting than ever to turn to  meals as a supply of consolation. It is really easy when there is food every where you go and look. It is difficult to not pick up left overs or take a second piece of pecan pie.

So what should you do to scale back that holiday stress so you do not take a step toward  the cookie jar or  peel the lid off  that fantastic bucket of  ice cream, or take that final slice of pineapple upside down cake?

  • The very first thing you should do is take a second to breathe. Actually cease all the things, and the moment you begin to reach your hand toward the door of the fridge, focus on the cool air as it passes through your nostrils and begin to feel your stomach fill as  you use your diaphragm to breathe in the air. Hold that breath  for a second and give attention to the air as you breathe it out through your   nostrils. You begin to feel your stomach cave inwards because the air goes out. Do this for ten full breaths and you’ll really feel a lot calmer, your anxiousness subsides and your cravings will diminish in intensity.
  • Be sure you get plenty of exercise, even if it is only walking around the block. Being at an office or family gathering can get crowded and very hot and stuffy.  With everyone breathing out carbon dioxide and “sucking up”  the oxygen it could make for an environment that can build emotions of stress and trigger irritability. Getting outside may help clear and calm your thoughts. It takes you away from the food sources and will get you taking part in some wholesome exercise.
  • When you do eat, eat mindfully. That’s, instead of  simply stuffing yourself until you reach for the Pepto  and really feel your waistband tightening , eat with consciousness. See the meals, smell the meals, and actually savor the meals. Concentrate on the meals as you’re eating, the sweet or savory tastes, the distinctive textures, and the totally different colors. Benefit from the very experience of consuming for pleasure. Doing this you will be aware that you are decreasing your eating, you will not rush, you will not eat fairly as much, you will not feel regretful about it, and you will be able to taste each bite. You will  feel full sooner and you will not be as inclined to desire seconds.
  • Be grateful. Be thankful for all of the goodness you are receiving: the friendships, family love , good cheer, and the great meals. Many experts have discovered that being grateful will increase your contentment feelings and this then reduces your stress and lowers the temptation to eat for self-consolation. Discovering different methods than consuming to calm your self is more healthy .


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