A Tool To Help With Personal Growth




A Tool to Help With Personal Growth

You want to adjust. Perhaps your employment is not everything you believed it might be… or maybe your relationships are not that which you had expected. Maybe you have an outstanding vision for your life however, not the tiniest hint about the actions to obtain them.  Maybe you feel life just SUCKS. Whether you’ve browsed the entire self-help portion of the bookstore, in vain, or really feel absolutely cornered on how to begin, you want  someone or something to hold your hand and direct you.

Well, you do. And it’s only a blank page away.

Journaling will allow you to clear away the superficial ideas and focus on what’s really happening in your head.

It is a superb method to balance the mind. Ultimately, when you’ve written out all your thoughts, you get a great chance to move forward FROM them.

It brings many added benefits to your general wellbeing. Since you can see, there are many excellent advantages to consistent journaling:

  1. Understanding yourself
  2. It can be relaxing.
  3. Writing things down is an excellent approach to maintain a personal time machine.
  4. Journaling will allow you to clear away the superficial ideas and focus on what’s really happening in your head.
  5. A superb method to balance the mind.
  6. You get a great chance to move forward from them.
  7. It is a method of capturing and exploring ideas.

When you begin with your journal consider the following subjects and review them in your journal.

  • What are the top 5 values by which I want to operate my life?
  • What do I believe are my gifts and talents (spiritual and layperson)? What are my characteristic weaknesses?
  • What are the key relationships in my life? What are my goals for each of these relationships?
  • How would I ideally spend the 168 hours I get each week (7/24-hour days)?

Journaling has, since you can see, multiple advantages. In fact, it has been linked to an increased vocabulary and a higher IQ.

A journal is intended for personal thoughts and reflection, which, then, means there isn’t any correct or wrong answer. Keeping a journal can create many positive and individual results. Consider visiting with your journal each day.

Some Resources:

The article 5 Ways Journaling Can Help You Get Through the Hard Stuff   Posted in Tiny Buddha, is a great read on the benefits of journaling. An excerpt.

“In the journal, I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself. The journal is a vehicle for my sense of selfhood. It represents me as emotionally and spiritually independent. Therefore (alas) …”

In Let It Out, millennial blogger, speaker, and podcast host Katie Dalebout shares the transformative practice that will rocket your life to the next level—journaling. Discovering in her darkest hours that a journal is the greatest tool in finding your purpose, healing yourself, and creating the life you most desire. There are many remarkable tools, exercises, prompts and techniques within this book.

A Complete Guide To Bible Journaling – Now this is a creative approach to journaling for your inner artist.  But don’t let that fool you, it is rich with tools so that you can learn about the wonderfully fulfilling benefits of Bible Journaling. Also, get helpful advice on choosing scripture and the types of Bibles and journals to use.

A 1-page Starter Template–Source – CreativeSpark.com


I hope this was helpful and start journaling.



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